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New Machines

BMS builds several standard lines of new broaching equipment including:

  • electro mate broaching machineELECTRO-MATE
    Electric Drive Vertical Table-Up Internal Broaching Machine.
  • elctro mechanical vertical pull down broaching machineDYNA-MATE
    Electric Drive Vertical Pull-Down Internal Broaching Machine.
  • Versa-mate VERSA-MATE
    Convertible, Internal and Surface Broaching Machine.
  • cell mate broaching machineCELL-MATE
    Table Up Vertical Internal Broaching Machine.
  • high speed surface vertical broaching machineCRUISER
    High-Speed Surface Vertical Broaching Machine. Has cutting speeds up to 120 F.P.M..
  • general purpose internal horizontal broaching machineGP
    General Purpose Internal Horizontal Broaching Machine for numerous pull broaching applications including keyways & splines.
  • heavy duty surface vertical broaching machineUNIVERSAL
    Heavy Duty Surface Vertical Broaching Machine.
  • light duty internal pull down vertical broaching machineMINI-MATE
    Light Duty Internal Pull Down Vertical Broaching Machine.
  • twin slide surface vertical broaching machineDUAL RAM
    Twin Slide Surface Vertical Broaching Machine.
  • light duty internal horizontal broaching machineKEY-MATE
    Light Duty Internal Horizontal Broaching Machine. Ideally suited to meet the needs of smaller production applications.
  • Special machinesBMS builds special machines for unique broaching applications. Contact our Sales Team for further information.